Areas to Focus On To Ensure Your Home Passes a Building Inspection

Selling your property is not simply about listing it on the real estate market and haggling with potential buyers. You have to bear in mind that your property is an asset and for it to appreciate in value, you would have to ensure that it is in top condition. Currently, potential homebuyers will seek building inspection services to make sure that they are not putting money down or a dud. Thus, it would be in your best interests to ensure that your property would be able to pass a professional inspection so that it can fetch you the best market price.

Below are a couple of the primary areas to focus on when engaging in general home repairs so that your home passes a building inspection.

The roof

Considering that it is the first line of defence against exposure to the changing elements all year round, your roof would be one of the first areas of your home to exhibit signs of deterioration. Roofing supplies may be designed to last a lifetime, but minor damages here and there could end up decreasing the value of your property. Therefore, the first thing to do would be to have your roofing professionally cleaning so that any traces of moss and other forms of debris are cleared off before the building inspection. 

Secondly, have a roofer inspect the structure for any signs of structural damages including curled, broken or missing shingles. Do not be tempted to use caulking as a temporary fix for damages to the flashing or tiling as any building inspector worth their salt would be able to spot this as a lacklustre attempt at roofing repairs. Lastly, make sure that your guttering system is in optimum condition and does not have any clogs or potential leaks.

The bathroom and the kitchen

The state of your kitchen and bathrooms could have a significant impact on the impression potential buyers form about your home. Therefore, it would be vital to invest in general repairs in these rooms so that they can sell the house for you. Start by inspecting the flooring for any damages. If the house is old, it would be a good idea to install a new waterproofing membrane and re-tile the floors.

Additionally, examine the faucets to check for any potential leaks that may have been previously undetected. Your local plumber can remedy these issues and even install new hardware if your fixtures are looking worse for wear. Lastly, re-grout the walls to get rid of stubborn stains and give your bathroom and kitchen an appearance of being brand new.