The Main Types of Fire Safety Equipment

The dangers of fire are many. This means that different materials can cause various types of fires on your premises. It is therefore important to be familiar with fire safety equipment and how they are operated/maintained. Knowing this equipment will ensure that you take the necessary steps to keep your building safe from fire damage.

Fire extinguishers

Perhaps the most common type of fire safety equipment, fire extinguishers are used to eliminate fires before they spread out of control. These portable items can be filled with different types of extinguishing agents to put out fires when they begin.

For example, extinguishers can be filled with water, foam, CO2 or dry powder to prevent the spread of fire at an early stage.


Sprinklers are useful for preventing the spread of fire in rooms where goods are stored. They are a must-have for warehouses, stores and other similar facilities. Sprinklers typically work via an automated design, where they turn on and spray water when a certain level of smoke is detected. In the event of a fire, sprinklers can put out flames and prevent extensive damage to goods.


Signs are an important part of fire safety equipment. Signs include things like emergency exit signs, proper lighting and proper labeling of fire equipment. Signs enable people to navigate their way from premises that are under fire or to find equipment such as extinguishers that can be used to fight fires that are just starting out.

Emergency lighting is also an important part of signage for fire safety so the signs can be seen under conditions of thick smoke.

Fire blankets

For fires that involve cooking oils and fats, fire blankets come in handy to cover the flames and prevent further spreading of the fire. They are normally equipped in kitchen areas where class F fires are most likely to occur.

First aid kits

Another important type of fire safety equipment is a first aid kit. Fires can inflict small and large wounds on persons that are exposed to the flames. Keeping such items handy can enable you to offer basic first aid, such as controlling bleeding, covering up open wounds and preventing infections.

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms act as excellent fire detection mechanisms. They are a must-have for both residential and commercial buildings because they can alert occupants of an impending fire hazard. By producing a loud beeping sound when they detect certain levels of smoke, smoke alarms can be an absolute lifesaver, especially when no one is paying attention.