What to Consider When Choosing a Product for Your Balustrading Project

Balustrades can function as an essential physical barrier required to prevent falls from balconies, staircases and other elevated areas of a building, but they also help to define and decorate space. If you are looking to embark on a new balustrading project, you should know that balustrading products come in a range of materials, and each material has a unique set of qualities. This can make the decision making process quite overwhelming, especially if you are setting out on the project for the first time.

However, knowing what to consider when selecting a product for your balustrading will help ensure you get the results you desire. Here are some important considerations you should make in this regard.

Consider the level of safety required.

As already mentioned above, balustrading may be used to ensure safe use of balconies, staircases and other elevated areas of a building. When choosing balustrades for your project, you should prioritise the safety factor. Look for a product that can withstand the extremes of everyday use and keep everyone safe. Balustrading is available for light-, medium as well as heavy-duty applications, so make sure you choose balustrading that will provide an effective safety barrier. 

Consider the level of upkeep required.

All balustrading requires some level of maintenance to last long and to keep looking nice, but the level of maintenance required may vary from product to product depending on the conditions under which balustrading is used. If you live in a coastal area and need to install balustrading on a balcony, stainless steel balustrades would not be suitable for you. This is due to the simple fact that salty sea spray will lead to formation of 'tea-stain' on the surface of the metal. Preventing tea-staining can be a lot of hassle because the staining can't simply be removed by regular cleaning. In such a case, glass balustrades would be a superior choice over their stainless steel counterparts because glass won't be affected by the coastal conditions.

Consider the desired aesthetic effect.

If you choose wisely, you can make a big architectural statement with your balustrading. If you live in a traditional-style house, you can accentuate the vintage look of your home with wood balustrading. If you're enthusiastic about creating a modern look, balustrades made of glass, stainless steel or a blend of both materials would make a stylish addition to your building.

With the above points in mind, you should be able to choose the perfect product your balustrading job. If you need assistance, consult a professional that deals with balustrading systems.