Kitchen Remodelling: Choosing the Right Natural Stone for Your Benchtops

Natural stones are perfect materials for kitchen benchtops due to their numerous benefits. In general, counters made from natural stones are appealing because of their unique colours, shades and structure. These materials are also quite durable; they are not vulnerable to degradation when exposed to adverse conditions. In addition, when you install a correctly manufactured benchtop, you will not need to perform constant maintenance and cleaning. However, you should understand that the specific benefits obtained after the installation of a countertop will depend on the particular natural stone used. Here are the most advantageous natural stone types to consider if you are shopping for a new benchtop.


Granite benchtops are popular in high-end kitchens in homes. This material is highly resilient and durable. The counter surface can take the abuse of daily use without experiencing accelerated damage. Therefore, if you utilise your kitchen heavily, this is an ideal natural stone for your needs. You should also note that granite is attractive and complements residential spaces. You will find variegated patterns with speckled colours or flowing veins and patches. There are also some solid colour options for a clean, modern look. Unfortunately, pure granite stones are porous. If you decide to purchase this material, you should ensure that the surfaces are sealed before use.


If you are looking for a material to enhance the appeal of your kitchen space, you should consider choosing marble. Marble has a classic, timeless look which can boost the aesthetics of any kitchen. It will add value to your home, and if you decide to sell the house, you will attract high buyer interest. However, you should note that marble is not as strong as granite and will show signs of abuse. For instance, marble is quite porous, so it will absorb water and stains might form. Acidic fluids such as vinegar and lemon juice might also cause corrosion of the surface. However, even with these faults, marble stands as one of the most beloved benchtop materials.


Slate is a strong and durable natural stone. It will perform well in harsh environments and provide prolonged service. Simply speaking, slate can withstand high temperature from cooking pots; it will not mar prematurely. Also, the surfaces are not susceptible scratches and chips because of the high mechanical strength of the stone. Additionally, slate does not soak in staining fluids like other natural stones. Regrettably, there are limited colours in the market. However, you will find several shades of grey, brown and black.